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Design for Change Angels

Design For Change in Israel

Birthday Angels, Ruach Tova and Design for Change

Like Birthday Angels, Design For Change (DFC) designs programs for kids to discover what they care about in their world and cultivate in them a spark and a strategy to go out there and change it. These programs get kids to look at their world from their hearts, see it with an open mind, imagine it as they wish it to be and implement their solutions.
Celebrating birthdays for needy children is a wonderful way to realize the value of volunteerism, but there are many ways to change the world. We developed our Teens for Tots and “Mah Echpat Li” programs to inculcate youth to make a change in their world regarding a wide scope of issues–environment, education, community involvement and more. More and more groups are embracing our simple and effective model and are becoming “infected” with the “I CAN” bug.

What isDesign For Change?

Design For Change is the largest growing global platform today for kids to express their idea of a better world and implement their vision in reality.
Design For Change is the brainchild of Kiran Bir Sethi, founder and Principal of the Riverside School in Ahmadabad, India.
What’s the secret of Kiran’s design?

Lots of us are out there doing great volunteer and Tikkun Olam projects, yet who but those involved directly really know? 
Everyone knows what Design for Change projects the kids are doing because they all do it the same way:
Each group takes on ONE IDEA and DOES IT on the SAME DAYVIDEOS it and SHARES it.
Documenting and sharing these great projects makes their impact resound so much louder.  It makes them viral! And when more people are exposed, they get infected with the “I CAN” spirit and believe that they can change the world too!
Design For Change is spreading like wildfire and has been implemented in 60,000 schools in India alone and 35 countries around the world. At this very moment, literally thousands of children from almost every corner of the world are making changes in it.

What is Ruach Tova?
The mandate of Ruach Tova is to advance the spirit of volunteerism and giving in Israeli society and connect between volunteers and organizations in need of their help. Every year, onGood Deeds Daythey mobilize thousands and thousands of volunteers to make a change in their world
Why we are bringing Design For Change to Israel?
Collaborating with Design for Change makes sense for us because
1. We believe that kids can change the world
2. We understand the potential reach of educational design programs especially when they  
    are do-it-yourself and FREE!
3. WE believe that the fun is in the doing, and being part of a global effort by kids who are
    changing their world magnifies the impact.
Schools and educational frameworks, formal and informal who wish to be a part of the “I CAN REVOLUTION” can sign up onDFC websiteand download the curriculum and teachers toolkit in Hebrew and English and get ideas from other volunteer initiatives. This is where you will be able to upload your stories and share them with children of the world, and see what kids are doing globally to change to world. 

Our DO date
To maximize our voice all the projects will be implemented on the week of Good Deeds Day, March 17th, 2014.
Our Sharing event
SAVE THE DATE: June 10th

Our Sharing event
SAVE THE DATE: June 11th 

All you changemakers are invited to share you stories and

find out which group will be representing Israel in theBTC Conference in India

with young changemakers from around the world who will be sharing their stories of change.

We are excited to that Israel has joined the the largest movement of children who are are changing the world.
Join the I-CAN revolution. No cost or training entailed. Just let us know you’re infected!
Contact Ruthie at Birthday Angels or Ayana atRuach Tovaand we’ll be happy to help you change the world!