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Teen Angels

Teen Angels is a service learning program that trains volunteer teens, primarily teens at-risk, to facilitate birthday parties in their own communities using Party Kits in their own communities. This year, 40 groups of teens from all over the country celebrated over 500 birthday parties for children in their communities.

The Teen Angels initiative has been identified by many youth volunteer educators and coordinators as an incredible platform for youth at risk. By training the teens with a life skill and enabling them the opportunity to use the skills in a community setting where they succeed “turns them around” as says Dalia Ratzon, Youth Volunteer activist coordinator for AMEN of the Joint. Birthday Angels trains the local youth leaders who in turn form groups ofteens and train them how to run a birthday party using our Party Kits. These coordinators find the needy children in their community who the parties will go to, where and when the parties will take place and accompany the Teen Angels to each party.

This win/win enterprise nurtures leadership skills and empowers the teens while providing the community a service that answers deep emotional needs for children and their families. Many of the teens who join our groups themselves did not celebrate their birthdays as children and deeply identify with the need and see their work as a “tikkun” not only for the world, but for themselves.

“When I volunteered I understood that to give means much more than to receive”
Ronen Verner, Teen Angel Ramat Hasharon

For $1000 you can underwrite an entire year of activities in a community which include:

Professional training of the teens
15 birthday parties
T shirts for the volunteers
Party kits for every event
End of the year gala
Teen Angels Certification

We’ll print your name/logo on their T shirts and send you all the thank you cards from the parties they give!!

Be a part of the Birthday Angels Circle of Giving
Adopt a community of Teen Angels today

Such a simple idea that can make such a big difference!